More New York graf art from the extensive photographic collection
of Straightman/Lava 1 & 2.

All photos ©Albert Mercado, 2009. All rights reserved. It prohibited by Copyright Law to duplicate, copy or reproduce any of the photos or artwork in LAVA's HISTORICAL ARCHIVES.

At 5-Points with Lava, Stayhigh and Snake


Right: Blade and Comet on the Phun Phactory Wall


Mural by Paid


Above: Part 1 at work

Below: Clyde at 5-Points


Above: Blade


Nick 1 with tags from Lava

Left: Lava's B-day mural by Ces, behind Tuff City walls

Lower: Kay-Slay Drama King, DJ and graf artist

Left: Noc



Nice work, Lava!

Below: Rodeo, right: In back of the Phun Phactory

Above: Tags in astairway at the 14th St. 1,2,3 station

Upper left: 106 & park

Below: Dash at the 106th St Wall of Frame


At Marl Ekoc show
Above: Case 2
Right/left/ far left:
Old-Timers Day at
5-Points, 2005

Above: Priz


Right: Chillin' at the Phun Phactory, L.I.C., N.Y.C.

Above and below:
At the Mark Ekoc Show,2005