Straightman/Lava 1 & 2 was at the forefront of the 70's Graffiti phenomenon, but he didn't just create art, he documented the scene.

Here, he shares with you, a fraction
of his extensive historical archives.

Above: ATrain on the 4 line

Left: Blade on the 2 line



Above: 6 Train adorned by Phase 2, Turk I and Bambu 3 tags. 1972


Left: Tracy 168 with FDT 56
Photo © Flint. For Those Who Dare...

Above: Ajax 2 line


Left: a top to bottom on the 1 from Clyde

Number 1 train passengers and cops were constantly surrounded by Graf

Upper Left: 1970s passenger soaks in the ambience

Left: Cliff 159 and Beetle Baily on the
2 train

Right: Cliff 159 on the 4 line

The  Bronx meets Brooklyn when LSD acknowledged DINO NOD (founder of the EX VANDALS) on Flatbush Ave.  Photo © Flint. For Those Who Dare...